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Hello folks.  I have two white tree heathers in my garden and early every spring, when the sun shines, I have four or five bumblebees staggering around them feeding furiously.  This year two of the four had about 24 mites around the head and in the joints where the wings meet the body.  Two were clear.  The worst infested bumble got thinner and thinner and eventually disappeared.  Very sad.  Last year I had several honey bees in my garden and there were two or three very badly infested with the mites.  Are these varoa mites do you think? 


  • I have a similar problem. Please let me know if you gain any information that can be of use to me too. Here is the txt from my thread:

    I need some help with my dilemma.

    I have a solitary bee house made from canes. Each year it’s used to the maximum and I’ve had to make another one to accommodate the overflow. The problem is that this year, all the bees were covered with mites! I’ve done some reading up on the subject and it appears that the mites will over-winter and more than likely spread and kill off the bees. I’ve seen videos of avid bee lovers taking apart their bee houses and cleaning all the larvae with a mild bleach solution and then keeping them in a box, to emerge in spring.

    This seems quite excessive and not 100% effective.

    I don’t want to see my bees coming to harm again this year; also they will more than likely pass on the mites to other bees.

    I have to ask; do I destroy the bee houses before they emerge, so as to wipe out the mites and start again?

    Or should I let nature take its course?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


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