fruit trees

ive planted a apple/a pear/a plum/ a cherry ive read about a fruit moth and some thing called sticky tape i think it was where do i get it from where do iput it and when ????? plus do i spray or any other prevention measures i should do and when?  and yes ive never had fruit trees befor so any help would be really helpfull thank you you lovely people.image image image


  • Country BoyCountry Boy Posts: 15

    You put greasebands around the trunks in autumn to stop certain wingless moths climbing into the trees to lay their eggs. In spring these eggs turn into caterpillars which eat the leaves. On occasion they have stripped the leaves of my cherry tree almost completely - but grease bands do prevent this happening. You can buy them from most garden centres in the autumn.

    THere's more information here


  • glassbackglassback Posts: 12

    thank you ill do that later in the year then.image

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