Honey berry?

Can anyone tell me what honeyberries are please? I recently bought a plant that says; " It is like a blueberry but sweeter" on the wrapper


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    I didn't know but google found plenty of references. Odd looking thingsimage

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    I have a few of those in fairly large pots and the two year old ones have just about finished flowering so hoping for the first fruit from them later in the year - if so, I'll report back in a few weeks!

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  • Thanks to you both. I googled them

    But they look nothing like the picture

    on the sleeve of the plant which looks

    more like a black currant
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    Ah, give me a minuteimage

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,041

    I can't find it but there was a thread a while back about a fruit that was from one of the yellow flowered ribes. A cultivar or a hybrid or something that had larger fruit.

    Do the leaves look like a currant (ish)


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    Have you got a photo?

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    The only Honeyberry I've heard of is Lonicera caerulea I've got four, they're not self-fertile so you need two. Don't know what else it can be and that is how Honeyberries are usually described. 

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    Hi Herby try this for help from RHS http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=728   Honey berry are good for people who struggle with blueberries, you need more than one for good fruiting, it is in fact an edible Honeysuckle, being a new type of plant in this country there's not too much known as they come from the Siberian areas, my local G/C assures me this is the most popular fruit seller plant of the year good luck

  • All interesting thank you so much

    The plant has now been taken to the allotment

    but I will ask my son to take a picture.

    All I could find was that it is an 'edible type of honeysuckle '
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    herbgarden2 wrote (see)
    All I could find was that it is an 'edible type of honeysuckle '

    Then it's Lonicera caerulea.  Like apples, plums, tomatoes, etc. what variety you have, if you even have a named variety will determine how it tastes and how big the fruit are, but you will need a pollinating partner just with most apples. 

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