Tomatoes in grow bags

How do you make the cane stand up in a gro bag so that it will support the tomato plant. The gro bag is on hard standing in a greenhouse


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    Hi Jane, I don't use growbags but many people  use a string tied to the roof of the greenhouse instead of a cane  and you wind it round the string as it grows. The other end is is in the bag and the plant holds it in place.  Or you could use one of those 'bottomless' pots for tomatoes which is inserted into the bag - it gives a greater depth of compost for the plants. You could then have the cane in that. If you don't want to buy those, you could make your own using a plastic pot with the bottom cut out image

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    You can buy frames for grow bags that will support plants. I prefer to grow tomatoes in pots in the greenhouse and I fix the canes to the greenhouse frame so that they don't lean over.
  • I used to tie a string to the base of the tomato plant and then tie the top to the bars on the roof but now I use these: 

    They work well for me but are a bit fiddly to install.

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    Fg; please tell me what you can tie the string to in a Halls Silverline Costafortune with no after sales service Greenhouse?

    I was looking at it today and thinking ;I will have to drill holes in the aluminium struts or use clothes pegs?image There is absolutely nothing to fasten anything to.

  • Thank you for all your help. It has given me a few ideas.

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    Artjak, can you use mini G clamps, you can get them down to 1" and would mean you could tighten them to the struts and remove them at the end of the year.

    I googled them and found some for £1.50 each,

  • I decided to go for the bottomless pots although I did find some frames too. 

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