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    Dovefromabove wrote (see)

    We have a Chapelwood hedgehog house and every winter a hedgehog  uses it, but we don't investigate until after they've woken up  in the spring - when we clean it out and pop a bit of  bedding back to make it feel like home again.  So we don't know whether it's used by Hefty or one of the other regulars.  The garden was so overgrown when we moved here that the ivy had pulled the fences down and we had to clear a lot of undergrowth to get new fences put up - now we're busy planting more 'undergrowth' for the hedgehogs and birds, but in the meantime we feel responsible for providing them with some accommodation image


    I have the Chaplewood house too, I put some hay inside it and that is how I knew there was a little one in there as it was squashed down at the enterance.

    Still no sightings of him back, been over a week now and I leave food out every night which goes untouched image


  • I've got a Chapelwood too. I had trouble keeping the Chapelwood dry when I had it set up in the garden, which is why I started using it for the overwintering hogs. Also, I thought the entrance was a little on the large side, although its easy enough to make it smaller. The best houses I have are made by Ark Wildlife. Very sturdy, good design.

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    We were pleased to see three young hedgehogs last night. There haven't been any in the garden for about three years. There are also three adult frogs in the pond we made last year. Now I'll be worrying that the hogs will eat the frogs! Will have to make sure they fill up on cat food.

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