Mystery plant

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 Hi guys,

Forgive my awful photography but this plant has had me in suspense for a year or two now,ever since it came in a packet of seeds titled 'sea of pink'.It was a packet of mixed seeds,most of which I identified but this one remains a mystery.The seeds are black or very dark grey,round to oval and about 3mm in diameter.The leaves are slightly furry and when in full flower (this one isn't yet) it has a central stalk topped with a small pink flower.It grows quite freely in my pots and seems to flower from about mid-May onwards.Any ideas?


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    Hi Fishy image

    Is this an annual, biennial or perennial? 

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Hi Dove,its an annual I'm presuming.However I could be wrong but when I've sown the previous year's seeds in tubs it has always done well.

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    I thinks it's corncockle, Agrostemma githago



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    I think it might be a campanula.




     Excuse the tulip and muscari,but I think the shape is similar. Mine was in flower in January and maybe soon by the looks of it!

    Only when it flowers will we have closure.

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    Yes nutcutlet!! That's it *hurrah* lol Oh the joy of knowing and being able to call it by its name and not just 'that plant'.

    Cotty,thank you so much for your pics too!! Perhaps you have it there too? And I love that 'closure' certainly feels that way doesn't it image


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    Oh my goodness,I didn't realise how toxic it is...especially the seeds.Good job I don't sit munching them.

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