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Hot, dry garden

Hello, I'm new to gardening and living in the Middle East.  Has anyone got experience with these types of gardens?  I've not even got the faintest idea what type of soil I have  (not a good start - but at least I know there are different types, right?).

just signed up as I was googling my yellow leaved Silver Birch.  It's late April and hotting up (high thirties) but the weather is usual. I was surprised its dropping all over the lawn.  Need to have a closer look.

This week I've filled my seed trays (lobelia, snap dragons, sweet peas and giant pumpkins) and hope that starting off simple will ease me in.


  • I meant to say that the garden is established and the Birch mature.  There are contracted gardeners who look after the 4 houses on my green compound but it has so much more potential and from what I can see (in the past 2 months) they only maintain it.  It's is well irrigated and watered daily.  

    I'd like more pots  - I have a very concrete courtyard space (mostly for the washing) but worry about the heat they'll absorb. As its right outside my kitchen in needs something.

  • BamboogieBamboogie Posts: 239

    Wow, would be great to see some photos. I have friends in Dubai and am surprised what they can grow, it's all down to getting the irrigation system right.

  • image



     This is the front of the house

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,433

    Cacti or succulents should cope with the heat. Most other plants , apart from the palm trees that you have already, will need some shade protection from the heat.

  • Thanks.

  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    I'm sorry to say I don't think your  seeds will do very well as it will just too hot for those plants over there When I was in Pakistan I grew Pomegranate, bouganville, jasmine, oranges. If i were you I'd get down to your local nursery and take alook at what they have on offer.

  • BamboogieBamboogie Posts: 239

    Wow Emma what a great space you have and those mature trees in the back ground provide some welcoming shade I'm guessing? 

    More plants in pots/planters? I'd go for herbs, hibiscus, olive trees, citrus fruit trees, fig trees... Some many tender plants which struggle here in the UK would love it there! 

    look at it as an opportunity, don't be afraid of making mistakes, everyone does! Have a nosey around the neighbourhood to see what you like/dislike.

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