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Azelea help ????

I am very new to all this gardening stuff and am thoroughly enjoying planting and preparing my new garden. I love azeleas so decided 2 weeks ago to go to the garden centre and buy one. I thought I done really well when I found a 50% sale on azeleas INSIDE the garden centre, so purchased a beautiful cerise plant. I brought soil for acid living plants, got home and looked up online about how to plant azeleas in pots. The flowers are all dying, and I'm completely gutted. I've just been told that if the plant was inside the garden centre then it's an indoor version. How could I not know this- I'm feeling very stupid! Is there a chance it could survive outside as it's too big to put anywhere in the house? Thanks for any advice.


  • I think I will pop over tomorrow with my poorly looking azelea.

    We don't have too much soil in the garden, it's all grass and just one large bed that's full of flowers so. I had potted this a a large pot.

    I have learnt my lesson! ????

    Thank you x
  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    Hi Michelle and welcome, as Verdun has said you are definitely not alone on this one, not necessarily with an Azalea but I'm sure at some point in time most of us will have bought the wrong plant for the wrong place.  It's easily done when your a newbie (like me too image)

  • Thanks orchid lady.

    Such a shame as it was so pretty when I bought it.

    Do you think i might be able to repot and revive it?
  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    I'm not really sure Michelle, I'm not the best person for advice, although I have an outdoor Azalea which hasn't flowered for a couple of years and now has little pink flowers buds on so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't fall off image

    I would expect if you look after it indoors it will eventually flower again.....image

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