Apple tree bark damage

The bark on the bottom 2 ft of my Apple tree is peeling off, there's baby woodlice & earwigs under the dead bark, the peeling bark does appear to be moving up the tree too.  Last yr my dad ' kindly' strimmed around the base, something I never do, and perhaps he damaged it?  The base is quite unstable too, my daughter used to climb on it but I stopped her last yr as you can push the tree, its only around 3m high, its still flowering and seems healthy apart from the bottom 2 ft! I really don't want to lose it, has anyone any advice for me???


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It sounds as though the strimming did damage the bark. The real issue is whether the damage runs all the way round - if so, I'm afraid that the tree will not recover. The instability also points the same way, but also suggests that the tree may have already had a problem before the strimming.

    If the bark is gone all around the tree, I'm afraid there's no way of saving it.

  • BirdiosoBirdioso Posts: 2

    Thank you. I had a closer look last night and it does appear to have gone all the way round image  Well I suppose all I can hope for is a final crop of apples.

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