Montery Cypress Goldcrest

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I have planted three Montery Cypress Goldcreat 'spirals' in pots on my front drive - the label says that the plant needs full sun and protection from wind.  It should get the latter where it is but the sun only comes over in the afternoon so it does get full sun but only from early afternoon.

Given these plants didn't come cheap I just wanted to make sure that full sun for part of the day should be OK for them?  They are planted with westland MPC with added John Innes, extra grit to make it fairly free draining and slow release fertiliser. 




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    Politely bumping...! image

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    Wow, they look great!  I don't know anything about them so will leave to others (hence consider this another bump!) but I believe "full sun" in general requests 6+ hours of sunshine a day.  Can I suggest an afternoon off on a sunny with a deck chair and a bottle of pims in order to sun-watch.... image

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    Thanks Supernoodle - like the idea of a "sun watch"! 

    They will probably get 4-6 hours of sun through the summer but I've never actually measured that spot - will be out on the front drive with my stopwatch this weekend.

    I'm hoping that someone else that's grown similar will give me some insight - i.e. "mine was a bit shaded and died" or "mine only gets a few hours a day and it's fine". 


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    They are gorgeous - I presume you have to continue to train them in a spiral as they grow?

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    Thanks Dove - for anyone that's interested they were from Homebase, £75 each, 2 for £100 but on 15% off weekend and paid for with a Gift Card I purchased at 10% discount (so about £38 each, I also bought one of the 'cloud' ones too).

    They appear to be quite happy in their new home but still nervous that they might not get enough sunshine where they are - would really appreciate anyone that's grown conifers in similar positions to give me their experience of how well the plants have done.



  • They look seriously impressive, ImpHosta.....personally I've found them to be totally forgiving, except for total shade & cold biting winds.

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    You have a good eye ImpHosta. I have non topiary Goldcrest in my garden - front and back. The ones in heavy shade have grown slowly whilst the ones in full sun have doubled in size, so sun exposure makes a difference in growth only. They do not like to dry out, so keep the pots well watered and the position that you have they will do fine.

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    Thanks both for the vote of confidence that my investment hopefully won't go to waste!! 

    I'll need to invest further in some clippers to maintain the neat shape (I've seen quite a few of the 'spiral' conifers / box that are left to sprout unchecked and they look so messy!).

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    They look tremendous ImpHosta. A small word of caution - those might be very attractive to other people - how secure is your front garden? You can add to your household insurance to cover theft of valuable items. Might be worth doing.

    Sorry for being a bit negative  image  but I'd hate to see some cretin pinch those.

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    Fairygirl that had crossed my mind but they are quite big and heavy and we live in an area of low crime so I am crossing my fingers that they stay where they are...!!  Good shout about household insurance though, I will check out the (very) small print image

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