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Yes im just wondering if any of you members find it a interesting idea to buy homes and gardens abroad. The web is full of sites specialising in real estate Spain,Bulgaria,France,Croatia all over. The market is now saturated and estate agents are all struggling in this recession.

My idea is to appeal to older retired people or people whos property is worth enough that the rental income alone is enough for them to move to Bulgaria and live the good life and give up the rat race. Yes out there it realy is warm enough summers and generaly wet enough to grow most things. The climate is perfect you can get good grape harvests and the nature and walking is amazing.

I think the right regions that i know about in central northern Bulgaria could be a gardeners paradise.


  • If living abroad was just about the weather and growing red peppers it would be a great idea. The reality is that a lot of these countries close down during the winter, you need good language skills and a lot of determination to make meaningful contact with the locals, you're a long way from the culture that you know, and no-one out there wants hangers-on if you get ill or homesick.

    If you wouldn't like the idea of moving 200 miles to somewhere in this country that you don't know anything about, then don't even waste your time thinking about Bulgaria.

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