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Easter Weekend

Hi All

Well as the Easter weekend comes to a close I don't remember the last time we had four consecutive days of clear blue sky and lovely warm sunshine for an Easter like the one we have just witnessed here in the North-East of Scotland.

The GH has been at 40C every day, I took the thermometer out of the GH incase in broke! I have re-potted on 90 French marigolds, made up troughs and tubs with my other seedlings and two hanging baskets. All crammed in the GH waiting to go outside after the last frost, hopefully end of May.  

I also managed to clear out the two raised flower beds on the patio, they still had last years silver dust around the borders. They normal die off in the winter, but this winter being mild have become quite invasive.

We have also had time to just sit in the garden and read over old gardening mags

Hope everyone else enjoyed some of the good weather too. How did your Easter plans go?


  • Tray14Tray14 Posts: 210


    3 days sunny and 1 of rain which did the garden good. Took out water butt and created a new bed for some ferns - really pleased with results. Then decided wanted water butt back so jet washed and cleaned it - reversed the guttering on the shed ( well my better half did ) to accommodate and laid some slabs for it to be positioned on. Planted up 3 hanging baskets with my bargain of the week - 20 petunias for £3 at Morrisons and some trailing Geraniums. Definitely made time in the garden to sip a chilled glass of dry white - hey oh all good things come to an end - back to work tomorrow. 

  • Sounds like you both had a lovely Easter image

    I was working Friday and Monday so I didn't really feel the benefit of it being Easter lol However over the weekend I managed to plant out my Sweet Peas and put up the Wigwams for them, add some veg to my raised bed and pot up and display a few new Alpines in my garden. I also planted some spent tulips in various parts of the garden and some perennials that had been growing since last year but the jury's still out on those so they may end up being removed!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 63,929

    Glad you had lovely gardening weather - here in North Norfolk we had bitterly chill north winds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - but yesterday was lovely and I spent all day in the garden - apart from an hour at the GC image

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  • LozLoz Posts: 69

    I gave my rubarb some well deserved TLC, hey Dovefromabove!! image

    I also dug over my veg patch, erected wigwams, weeded all borders, cleaned the hen house, painted shelving, had a trip to Shrewsbury, entertained family Easter Sunday and enjoyed quite a few cuppa's in the sunshine....phew, very busy, but lovely Easter!!

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