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suggestions of fast growing shrubs or trees

Our neighbour has just chopped down a very mature pine tree growing close to his fence, which separates the back of our properties and gave privacy for both of us. As much as I understand he wants more light in his garden and kitchen and bedroom windows the fact is that his house is built on higher land than our bungalow and we now feel very exposed. There is still a 6 foot wooden fence between us but he now looks into our garden and windows from his kitchen, bedroom and dining room. I feel sad when a lovely old tree is felled in that way. We want to plant some fast growing shrubs/trees on our side of the fence, which is south facing and gets the sun all day. Any good suggestions are welcome, thanks. Pam



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,293
    Kerria japonica could give you a bit of cover whilst you wait for something more robust to fill in the gap. It grows quite tall and is easy to propagate.
  • Thanks Ceres, that's a good idea, to put in something temporary, hadn't thought of doing that! Pam

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I bought a Eucalyptus last year for the same reason of wanting a fast maturing specimen and its easily grown six foot in one year. It's canopy is airy and it stays good looking all year round. Earlier this spring I Pollarded it so it will stay at the exact height I want.image

  • wow, that's fast growing, thanks for the suggestion, I'll certainly be looking into that. Pam

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