when should I prune Buddleia ?



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    I have hard pruned some tree like buddleias, and it hasn't seemed to hurt them.

    I have a nice white one, that I love, but I'd like to move it.  As I said it's quite large at the base, but each year gets hard pruned.

    Can you relocate them at all?

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    Yes - no problem Wayside. They take any amount of abuse  image

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  • Best pruned after flowering IME. You can relocate but it's a safer bet to take a cutting and grow it on - if it is a largish specimen, trying to move it is probably not worth the hassle involved.

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    I have a dark purple one. Would  a Buddliea respond to something like a "Chelsea chop" to keep it short but still flowering well? 

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    I haven't quite hit upon the right thing to do with them.  I have some small ones that have responded well to being cut right back.  But the trees have lost a lot of their charm.  I didn't risk moving my white one, but instead am growing on from seed.  Not sure what colour I'll get as I have a dark purple close by.  My white one I've gotten into the habit of cutting right back around April.

    I remember on Gardeners world that Monty cuts back a little later (after all frost), for late flowers in the summer.  I'm sure I've cut back after May, but there's good growth about now.  I'm amazed at how much my infant has grown over the last few weeks.

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  • Hi guys I am new to buddleias so reading all your comments is a great help.

    I love reading your views.?

    Ps. New to the gardenrsworldforum too although I have watched gardeners world for years ?

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    Welcome aboard Jacknjill image

    Don't hesitate to start a new thread for any queries you may have image

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