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Please can anyone tell me what variety the clamatis which is out now is called.  Its the one with loads of pink flowers and seems to be large whereever i see it. Thanks Tina


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    Montana - there are several forms with different shades of pink flower.   It is very rampant and does only flower in spring but is great for covering an ugly wall or growing into a large tree.   It can be pruned after flowering finishes if needs be.

    The Vendée, France
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    It also has gorgeous reddish tinted foliage and needs very little maintenance apart from securing it safely as it grows. I had one across my porch for quite some years and then the wind took it straight off like a toupee. image

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    thank you for your answers I can go get 1 now x

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    I love this plant I inherited it when I moved in & can say it grows like mad, covers everything & is very pretty.I would agree with others that it needs very little maintenance. I didn't know what it was last year so did nothing to it. It hasn't even started growing yet but covers my shed & trellis already. It's done exactly what I needed, a big screen. 

    I will have to cut it back this year after flowering as it will take over the house!image

    Took this picture this evening.


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    thats lovelyats what I want something colourful that will screen   

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