is it too late for this year

Hi I live in north wales and have only just got the gardening bug..I am about to make a raised bed to plant winter veg ( have got summer stuff in pot, bags etc)..but have no idea what to plant and when to plant.. I fear I may be too late for this winters veg...i am a very novice gardener so any advice however simple would be greatful.. many thnaks


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    I too am only just learning all the rules on what to plant and when.  Just recently got an allotment and to be honest, it's a bit of trial and error.  We have planted cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, leeks, parsnips, beetroot, salad, spring onions, strawberries, peas and garlic so far.  Have still got room to plant another batch a bit later on so that we don't get too many at once. 

    Picked up some useful tips from gardening books and the rest is either from this fab forum or just trial and error. image

    Weather has been a bit against us, but have been able to keep doing little and often between the showers.

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    You can get great advice on the what to do now section of this website!

    It lists all the jobs you can tackle on a weekly basis, including a fruit and veg section.image

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    Flowergirl, I was in our local garden centre today and they were selling off bags of onion sets, potatoes etc. Given how cold and wet it's been you'd still be fine planting these - OK, so your onions may be slightly smaller or ready in September rather than August, but so what? I saw some bags of mixed onion sets - really good idea!

    Still plenty of time for purple sprouting broccoli (but be quick!), cabbage, sweetcorn, peas, mangetout, spinach, chard, leeks, carrots, beetroot, turnips and swede as well as summer salad crops.Plus lots of others, no doubt.

    To be honest I'd just plant anything you think you can use - seeds are so cheap you will almost always get your money's worth! Do not be too bothered about sticking to the rules - there aren't any really!!

    Just reread your post. For winter veg go for leeks, psb, swede and spinach if you have room. Personally I would never omit psb - even our kids will eat it.


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    Thanks everyone for your replys....all is taken on board and I shall sow some seeds asap....I have decided this is a game of trial and error year i shall be alot wiserimage

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    wots psb /?image

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    Purple sprouting broccoli.
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    thank youimage

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