I've had an allotment for a few years but since the birth of my daughter its got on top of me and I've not had chance to clear the ground. It's a real mess and I find it pretty depressing.

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to get back on top of the situation is roundup, even though I'm normally an organic gardener. I know that i stand to lose my plot if I don't something done about it so I've made the decision.

Has anyone got any advice on this product please.




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    There will probably be a lot of posts of ways to clear your garden the organic way and they would be perfectly acceptable if you can afford to wait. but if you want to get going soon and have your hands full then i would use glysophate too. Spray a small area for your immediate use and apply organic measures to the rest for next year.

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    I garden organically too but I have such persistent weeds creeping in or blown in from surounding arable land and pastures I use glyphosate to clear the paths and major infestations each spring.   However I deeply disapprove of Monsanto so nver use  Roundup.  There are other, cheaper glyphosate based weedkillers out there that do the job.

    As No Expert says, why not use it on an area to get you started and maybe put down newspaper, cardboard or black polythene on the rest of your allotment so it'll be ready for you to work later on.   Then you can work at a sensible pace without being overwhelmed.


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    I agree with the advice above - don't let the problem get you down - knock it on the head then get on and enjoy it - and if the allotment is too big for you to cope with when  also coping with being a new parent, then why not see if a friend would like to share it with you image


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    You will have such joy taking your daughter down to the allotment in her pram/pushchair.  And dare I say earn Brownie points with Her Indoors.

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    You will have such joy taking your daughter down to the allotment in her pram/pushchair.  And dare I say earn Brownie points with Her Indoors.


    Yes, i have a very small lawned area under 6 fuit trees and she loves it. The rest is now a complete jungle, consisting of bind weed, docks, thistle, dandelions and long grass. I purchased some bayer glysophate today and I sprayed about a 1000m2 and now waiting to see how long it takes for the weeds to die back.

    I didn't like doing it as it goes against my organic beliefs but it was that or simply fight a demoralizing battle that i was going to lose.

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    The weeds may take up to six weeks to die completely.  The area treated will look horrible, but do not be tempted to pull up the weeds.  Let them die completely.  

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    Use the time you're waiting to plan what you're going to grow and where.

    Have you got a cold frame - if not you could get old of some discarded bricks/blocks and old windows and make one while you wait for the weedkiller to work.  Then you can start some seeds off and maybe buy some plants as well, and you'll have somewhere for them to live before you're ready to plant them out.

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    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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