image my seedlings start off fine then wilt and shrivel up and die. i use best humax compost and grow in a polytunnel. someone said it could be damping off ? these are all brassica.any help welcome..    cheers wrinkly1


  • Hi

    If seeds are to close together this can cause damping off. Try and sow thinly to allow good air circulation. Hope that helps

  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,135

    There has been big fluctuations in night and day temps with the sunny days and cold nights of late. If you dont get air circulating during the day you may well bre suffering damping off.

    Try not to have the compost too wet and try and open the poly for ventilation during sunny days.

  • wrinkly1wrinkly1 Posts: 50

    hey.  schlumph. a fellow sufferer. i/m giving it one more go in my neighbours greenhouse . it has a auto opening window.see if that fettles it.if not i/ll end up buying some. many thanks for advice.everyone. onwards and upwards...wrinkly1.

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