What to plant in the greenhouse?

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to gardening, having only moved into our house two years ago (today in fact!).  I have a greenhouse and have grown tomatoes for the past two years, along with courgettes and runner beans in planters around the garden.  My question is, what else could I grow in the greenhouse for the rest of the year when I am not growing the tomatoes?  I don't have enough room in the greenhouse to grow anything other than tomatoes while they are in there but I am wondering if I could grow something through the winter?  We love all fruit and veg so I am open to ay ideas at all.  Thanks in advance for any help 


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    ..I sometimes grow winter salads in grow bags.. you can get winter varieties to sow from seed directly into the bags... they even survive periodic freezing and start growing again when it thaws....T and M's 'Niche Oriental Mix' is one...Sutton's 'Leaf Salad Winter Mix'..another...

  • generally over winter you can grow a variety of winter salad leaves, also some carrots but they wont be ready till early spring. You can also grow pak choi if you transplant some late sowings under cover in autumn. 

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    I bought one of those living salads from the supermarket in december.  I split it up and made 13 plants, i just cut off some leaves from each plant after they grew on and there is still some in there. I am not sure whether i could have germinated seeds in november, so tried that and it worked, all for 99p.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Thank you for all your suggestions, will certainly be giving them a go image

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