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Shady area

emma louemma lou Posts: 159

Our driveway in front of the house doesn't get any sun what so ever, but we want to soften up the driveway tarmac area with some pots and maybe some window boxes. Are there many flowers of trailers that are suitable for full shade, and also are OK in window boxes? I know shrubs seem to tollerate shade better, but we really don't have soil there to house shrubbery, only pots and window boxes. It needs softening up really. I have done a bt of research on the web about this, but alot of the plants suitable for this are not available at regular garden centres.


  • Hello Emma Lou, a solution might be Pachysandra terminalis,  a ground cover evergreen with white flowers, that tolerates both dry shade and moist shade. It will be happy to oblige in containers. Ferns offer attractive  foliage, some prefer dry shade others moist shade. White flowers are best for areas in poor light so you could add trailing bacopa for the summer. 

    I am sure a few clematis would happily trail and clamber for you too. HTH

  • P.S.

    a  Nelly Moser clematis colours better in shade and a Lonicera x tellmaniana is  a cheerful orangey yellow and happy in shade (but aphids adore it).

  • emma louemma lou Posts: 159

    OK thanks. The Nelly Moser looks like it may require full or partial sun. We get neither of that there unfortunately.  The Pachysandra terminalis looks more of a coverage for a large expanse of area. It may do in one small area (if we have ongoing problems trying to grow grass seed there), but for tubs I am not so sure, Thanks for your advice,

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