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Just bought some physalis(cape gooseberry) how do grow  these,ive been told just like tomatos but how tall,wide and what feed and how often ? Iv,e also been told to start off in poor soil ! HELP...


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    I grew mine in the greenhouse.  They grow tall and straggly.  Seem a shame to deliberately put them in poor soil and not necessary.  You don't say which type you are growing.  Sweet ones or true salsa physalis as grown in Mexico, etc.?

  • tony williams2tony williams2 Posts: 177

    HI,i dont know if its true sasla or what,only physalis,cape gooseberry on label with a picture of small orange friuts,i have tasted fruit in restaurants and its really good so nothing ventured etc,thanks for reply from another Welshman.

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    Oh good, you're growing the sweet ones.  Very easy.  The fruit make good jam or in a flan, I understand.  We ate them raw; quite tart if I remember correctly.

  • Do you pinch the tops out ?? Mine are only about 6 inches tall ATM, but have buds already image

  • tony williams2tony williams2 Posts: 177

    hi,ive been told to grow them like tomatoes,but they go very straggly an untidily but nice fruit good luck(for me to ! !)

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