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My transplanted Rose is wilting - Help

I transplanted a David Austin container rose on Thursday which had already had branches when I bought it.  On Friday morning the plant looked healthy and well but around 3pm the new growth had wilted.  I re- watered it and this morning - Saturday- it looked normal but as the day went on it wilted again but only the new purple growth at the end of the Branch.

Does anyone know why the rose is doing this and what I have done wrong.  The only difference I noticed to my other  Austin container  roses is that this one did not have as much fibrous root ball and it sort of fell apart when I was planting.   I have transplanted this new plant into a huge pot where I have an already established Brother Caedfel which is doing good.

The plant is on a roof terrace along with other roses and plants which are doing very well.   We have not had sun the last few days.  

 Many thanks in advance for you help.


  • cairnsiecairnsie Posts: 388

    I would give it a really long watering to thoroughly water it in. Sometimes roses sulk when they are transplanted as they are growing. It hasn't rained for a while where I am so maybe its compounded they the fact the soil is dry.

  • Thanks Cairnsie.  I am in south Germany and we only have rain and clouds the past days.  I will water directly and see if this helps

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