worms eating my beans??

I recently planted direct into the soil a row of climbing french beans - which we normally have great success with. Nothing has come up - so I investigated and the beans had completely disappreared!! However, there are LOADS of small, (about an inch) pale worms. They are not flat but look like short, pale earth worms. Each trowel full found about 6 worms. Are they the culprit?? What can I do. Many thanks - already fighting the pigeon problem - could do without this!!



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    The worms may just be worms-you beans rotted probably because it has been too wet and cold-I would try again in a couple of weeks when hopefully it will have warmed up a bit or start some off in pots.

    In my opinion you sowed about a month too early

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    wow - thanks for that prompt advice. You are right - we put them in over Easter - when it was lovely and warm - remember that ???!! Have actually replanted the row - fingers crossed. When I start them inside they seem to go leggy quickly. Thanks for that - this was my first post

  • tina browntina brown Posts: 4

    Thinking about this further - the mage tout and broad beans I planed at the same time are doing really well. So how come just the beans?? And there is literally no sign of any bean or part of the bean. If they had rotted - surely it wouldnt have happened so quickly and also surely the outer shell would remain?? Still convinced its worms??

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    Mange-tout and broad beans are hardier veg.

    French beans need warmth and moisture to germinate and grow properly-if they don't get it the beans will just rot way -the worms you saw are just feeding on decayed matter like they do in a compost bin.

    I live in the South of the country-my beans will be sown at the end of the month-not before-you sowed at Easter- it was not warm enough.

  • tina browntina brown Posts: 4

    Thank youi again!! Fingers crossed for me!

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