Bargains due to bad weather

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Hi All,

This weather, although great for the plants, is such a pain for us gardeners, right?  Until, you go to you local garden centre.  I went to mine today, and the amount of good, healthy, in season plants on special offer was huge. I'm talking 50% off.  I spoke to one of the Ladies running the place.  I asked why their Wallflowers were in the 'end of season' section, whilst my Wallflowers are going great guns, are in full bloom and should be for a good while yet. Were mine doing something they shouldn't.  No, She replied.  They are just not selling anything like they normally do, due to the bad weather, so they are having to reduce everything. They should have had another 8 pallets of plants delivered to go out, last week, and they can't sell their original stuff.  I got 15 good sized, healthy, in season plants today, for under £30.00.  This is my local garden centre, which they have nationwide, so they may have these offers near you?



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    Cheers, I'm going tomorrow.image

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    Hello, everyone

    Went to my local DIY store today for some boring (but necessary stuff- sand & cement). Came back with much more interesting stuff - 20 white snapdragons (19 will survive), 3 cranesbill geraniums,(nothing wrong with them) 6 white geraniums  & a pot of mixed sweetpeas. Plants costs £4.50! Works out about 15p a plant.

    The snapdragons looked very sorry for themselves, but already with a bit of care they are bouncing back.


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    I popped into a local DIY store beginning in B and ending in Q today and large trays of bedding plants usually £5 were half price because one or two plants were dead, very good value.

    Must say through, veg seedling prices are very high particularly at GC's. Cue and squash plants are £3.20 at a a GC near meimage

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