Dying blueberry plant

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Hi everyone

I have a Northland blueberry bush that is a couple of years old and sprung into life beautifully a few weeks ago with plenty of new buds and some nice new leaves appearing,

Bearing in mind the requirements of a blueberry bush, I have watered it twice in recent weeks since tag warm weather, using the water from my water butt. However, I noticed a day or two ago that the water smelt a bit, a bit pondy, and so I emptied the butt to find a thin layer of algae all over the inside of the butt.

In recent days the blueberry plant has really taken a turn for the worst. The leaves and buds are drying out, and the green colour of the branches seems to be less vibrant.

I have read up on the effects of algae water, and the general concensus appears to be that it wouldn't harm established plants especially. I also watered my tomato seedlings using the water butt water, and they are absolutely fine.

The blueberry bush has always been very happy in its large pot, has a lovely south facing position, and so I am surprised by this sudden downturn. They are obviously otherwise quite hardy plants.

Any ideas on perhaps if any specific requirements of the conditions means that the blueberry is more prone to damage caused by algae?

Many thanks,


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