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Filling plant pots

Hi , I am pretty new to this and looking for some tips on how best to fill up plant pots/containers for the garden. I have heard that it is best to put some stones/croc in the bottom for drainage and reduces the need for so much soil/compost. Can I put some bits of cardboard boxes to do the same idea as find the pots quite heavy to move and running out of stones. I have heard that cardboard is good for planting seeds at it rots away easily too. Any suggestions/help very much appreciated.

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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    Card in tubs will be useless, you could use polystyrene packaging, that bulks it out and saves soil, if not, crocks and stones will be fine.

    That is the way its been done for years but I see in a mag that thats now the wrong thing to do.  Next year no doubt, someone will write an article saying its the best way!!!

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • I have used bits of polystyrene for years and find it keeps the pots lightweight. The trays the pizza or meat products come in from the supermarket are good as they easily break to whatever size you want to cover the holes in a pot. Also unlike crocks and stones they don't take up much room so there's more room for the soil/compost.

  • I use crocs or failing that chunks of polystyrene.

  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    I also use used t-bags, especially to line hanging baskets and teracotta pots.They retain water, very useful in dry weather.If you spread food granules and water retaining crystals over the T-bags before topping with compost it works even better!

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