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Roses for posts & rope swags

Hi, we're putting in some posts with rope swags, what roses would you suggest we plant? Would like fragrant roses and long or repeat flowering


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857

    For swags you need the more flexible stems of ramblers which are usually not repeat flowerers.  I have Malvern Hills from David Austin which is one of the rare repeaters and they also reckon Snow Goose is good -

    This one by Peter Beales looks good and would contrast well with the other two -

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  • st ephiest ephie Posts: 11

    there are lots of climbers (repeat flowering v single flowering ramblers). Peter Beales' web site is great because you can filter by all manner of requirements from colour and fragrance to thornyness.  Go for thornless if possible unless you want to get ripped to pieces when you prune.  

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