Dwarf pot patio cherry & apple trees


Ordered a Stella Cherry and Egremont Russet Apple trees. Have no idea what to look for when they arrive. They are 2 year old bare root. They have been in depot from 17th until 22nd of this month(stupid time to send them to me), and I am worried they will be dead as I have never had fruit trees before. Someone on Facebook said his arrived dead because of the same delivery problem and I just want to know what to look for if they are still alive and if they are going to survive without water and light for so long. thanks


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    Hi Sisb, As long as they were dormant (ie only small unopened buds on the stems) when sent, they should be OK although it is a bit late for sending bare-root trees in my opinion.  When they come you should place the roots in a bucket of water for a day before planting them.  If there is no sign of leaves appearing after a month, then use a fingernail to scratch the bark a few inches down from the top of a tall branch.  If it is green underneath, they are still alive and you may need to wait a bit longer.  If brown, that wood is dead so try further down.  If it is brown underneath the bark of all of the branches and trunk, it's dead.


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    Thanks Bob for that information. I am most grateful as I do not have a clue what to look for. Should have done what I usually do before shopping with a new online company and that is to check and double check. Still with lots of luck they may turn out ok but not holding my breath about them. Have a nice Easter.

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