Newbie.. help with summer flowers


I am new to gardening and need some help please.

I have some spring flowering plants, snowdrops, daffodils etc but I need some summer plants.

What I need is something low maintenance that I can just plant and will keep coming back year after year with minimum interference from me and will provide some colour during summer autumn.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks, Dave


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,043

    You need to visit the hardy perennials section at the GC  Dave. 

  • Mrs GMrs G Posts: 336

    Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is full proof they call it Herbstfreude now I think and copes well in a dry sunny position but got mine on damp clay and it still thrives.  Achillea (yarrow) for it's big flat umbels which hoverflies like. 

  • hardy fuchsia

  • Thanks for the help guys. I'll take a wander around the local garden center image

    Now I know what I'm looking for.
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