transplanting garlics

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I have been back at my old house today and found 6 garlics, all pretty much pot-bound and very dry compost. i've given them a water, topped with more compost, however i'm not sure what to do with them now, or even whether they will recover. I'm not sure they look the healthiest and im not sure they like being transplanted. any advice?








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    They don't need transplanting - they'll need some feed in June/July - see here 

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    Hi Dove

    Are the pots big enough though? they're pretty small, only about 3.5 inches deep?

  • djjjuk, I grow my garlic either one to a 8" pot or 2 to a 12" pot. the pots are as deep as they are wide approximately.

    Your 3.5" deep pot sounds way too shallow to me, but I have no experience of transplanting garlic so I'm not sure what you can do. Maybe try transplanting half of them to see if they survive?

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