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Atco Rotary Mower opinions please

I am about to purchase (next week) an Atco self propelled rotary mower Quattro 16S.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find any reviews for this model and indeed any reviews for anything Atco are practically non existent.

Does anyone have any comments good or bad about this machine? Does anyone own one of these or similar model?

I will be using it in my garden which is a mixture of rough grassy areas interspersed with shrubs and bushes and paths, but the big problem is that most of it is on a slope of probably about 30 degrees. In the past I have used electric Flymos and presently use a Husqvarna strimmer but am now at any age when I need a bit of motorised assistance, ie something to pull itself (and me perhaps) up the hill. 

Atco is a long established company so I don't understand why there are so few reviews on their models.

All comments welcomed.


  • ayjayhayjayh Posts: 4

    Thanks for replying Mike,

    I'm not sure that you managed find what I am looking for. Googling for the mower does indeed bring up lots of results but all of them from firms trying to sell them.

    What I am looking for is reviews by people who have actually bought and used the Atco Quattro16S (or indeed any 16" self propelled motor mower and have things good or bad to say about it.

    I guess I'll just buy it anyway, my dealer is pretty convincing and has a good reputation locally,

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