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specimen plants for north easterly aspect

topshamtopsham Posts: 2

I have two bays in front of my house.  I would like to put a specimen plant in each bay.  I was looking for a plant that had structure; would grow to about 1-2m with a depth of about the same.  I would like colour - reds, mauves.I want to keep away from conifers.  

Any suggestions?


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Well I have a Fatsia japonica in my north facing corner by the shed that does marvellously once established. Two (third coming soon) Acanthus in heavy shade, a pyracantha east facing that has gone mental in one year! A north-east facing Hebe Midsummer Beauty that is no trouble in a heavily shaded corner and flowers profusely in summer, several euonymus that never complain and a couple of Acers also very happy in shade with incredible autumn colour. All of the above offer structure and/or your colour preferences.

    Choiysa Ternata is also happy in shade but that is neither structure nor reds/mauves and Clematis Montana will also do fine in North-east facing aspect, but thats a climber. Elaeagnus have lovely looking foliage and neat shapes but not your choices of colour.

    That's my garden, I still have a couple of shade areas to plant up and haven't yet decided on the shrub to plant. Good luck image

  • topshamtopsham Posts: 2

    Thank you -  You have given me a few suggestions which I will follow up.

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