Deterring Mosquito's, Fly's, Nats in heavily bushed Shrubbed Garden

I have an area at the bottom of my garden fully surrounded by 6ft plus bushes and shrubs, but these last few years my relations and I have been bitten galore by nats & mosquito's. We have a pond at the top of the garden where we are also bitten. Its put one member of my family from going out into the garden. I have tried Lavender but I'm not sure it doing the trick. My lower garden has Lavatera, Conifers, some Roses, Rock Roses, Heather, Hebe, Broom, Buddleia, Bay Leaf among other bushes. What could I plant or do for that matter that will reduce if not deterring these insects? Many Thanks. 


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    It's not anything to do with the shrubs in your garden. The mosquitos will be breeding in your pond - do you have fish in the pond?  They will feed on the mosquito larva so that should help.  Check that you don't have containers of standing water in the garden - mozzies will breed in a teacupful of water.Keep waterbutts securely covered. If they're getting into waterbutts float a small amount of cooking oil on the surface of the water - that will stop the larvae breathing.

    I don't know of any plants that will keep mosquitos away - I do sympathise with your family member - I used to be bitten really badly by insects and on several occasions had bad reactions which required antibiotics, so I don't blame her for keeping indoors when the mozzies are around (my guess is that it's a female who is being badly affected - it usually is.  If it's any consolation to her, once ladies get to 'a certain age' the mozzies seem to ignore us image)

    If you want to sit outside in the evening, burning citronella candles in the sitting area will help.  I can also recommend that those badly affected should use Avon's Skin so Soft dry oil spray - it's used by the army when on manoeuvres on the west coast of Scotland, to keep insects away.

    Good luck. image

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  • Hi Dovefromabove,

    The pond is situated at the top of the Garden and does have fish in it, they eat everything even the floating plants. Your right it is a female member of the family, but she isn't the only one, I get bitten alot too. Arms, legs and even on the bottom, the little blighters must have gone through the gaps in the outdoor furniture and through my trousers.

    Last year I did end up having to purchase Citronella candles, and oil to burn the burners. I had to use them during the daytime too.

    Its a shame a certain plant/bush/shrub couldn't do the job naturally. 

    Thank you for your quick reply. 


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