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New House, New Garden, New Problems!


i have recently moved house and never had much of a garden previously but this house is quite different withe a large front and decent back garden.

i think I will have many questions as I start to get to grip with it so please be patient as I don't know the first thing about gardening!

In the front garden there is a beech hedge which is approx 7 years old and a huge Oak (protected) which is about 100 years old. Where the hedge gets close to the oak the growth and quality deteriorates considerably going from lovely 5/6 foot bushy plants to barely 18 inches with hardly any leaves. I'm guessing this is because the oak is taking all the nutrients from the ground in that area? Is there any plant foods I can give these beech trees that are not growing to help them or is it a lost cause?





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    The oak tree will effect what can be grown near and a feed would but long term the beech hedge will be effected because of the close proximity. Could you remove the effected beech hedge and plant something there that would not be in such competition with the oak tree. Obviously this could compromise the look of the beech hedge, but there are small shrubs that could be planted there that would compliment and thrive in that space. Whatever you do improve the soil in that location and water regularly

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