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hiya everyone i have a facebook page all about gardening

its called the horticultural boy and you find it at

i also have a youtube acount at

check me out please and give me a like.


  • Welcome to our garden!

  • Thanks have you had a look at my video`simage

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    That's very enterprising.

    horticultureboy wrote (see)

    ... have you had a look at my video`simage

    I haven't looked at all your videos, just a few.

    The video 'A busy day in the garden' was original.

    The time-lapse of the garden had an interesting title, but nothing seemed to happen. Theoretically, you could do something amazing by filming a garden changing through a year, or perhaps your cucumber seeds germinating and growing; but that's not simple.

    The videos called 'Berhard and Liz's Greenhouse' and 'On the allotment' were time-lapse, and more interesting - a lot was happening. The video about sowing cucumbers was very good.

    Many people on here do post photos on a monthly photo thread. The thread for May is here: May Garden Photos

    But those are mostly still photos. There are very few videos, and none are as original as yours. You could take some video of your garden each month, and post it on the monthly thread.

    This is setting a new standard.

    I hope a lot more people will have a look at the 70-odd videos in your YouTube channel, and tell us what they think.

    You can actually embed videos into your posts. So you could pick out some of those that you think people might find interesting. I didn't look through them all.

    Very well done.

  • thanks

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Only had time to watch the cucumber sowing one, loved the idea of using empty seed packet for labelling. Are you self- taught or have you got a mentor? Well done anyway.
  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    You've got an awful lot of videos, and when people look at the link you gave, they just see the first page of your channel. These videos all take time to watch, so people may not get to see any of the other 70. I've picked out a couple that people here might like:

    This is one of Ryan's videos, planting his early potatoes:

    Most regular posters on here, already know how to sow seeds, and plant potatoes (though possibly not about fibre plugs), so their interest may be more in seeing your particular garden. You could do something liked a guided tour round your garden and greenhouse. I had a look at your video watering the seed trays in the little greenhouse. You could have had some commentary, saying what each of the seed trays were.

    I do think there's a lot of future developing these ideas. A video shows a lot more than a still photo. It would be really interesting to try to get a few more board members try to make some videos, and post them in the various threads.

    You need to keep learning from the videos you've made, and keep improving them, and keep trying imaginative things.

  • fig rat i read lots of books take corses and pick bits up of my grandad who is a legend. he is an insperation to me.

    the video above is of me feeding squirells.

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