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jad1jad1 Posts: 130

My 1 year old wisteria has 8 good size buds. I have sprayed for insects.Good leave.

The weather is so changeable.some days of sun with a cold night. Or a cold chilly wind during the day and night.

Today i have noticed that some of the buds are dropping almost crumbling.

As anyone any ideas please. Is it the cold.???????????????image




  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Could be lack of water and drying winds. Is it planted too close to a wall?

  • Hi, Jad....just a couple reasons why your wisteria may have shed some buds.

    1) If they may have been subjected to frost...cold biting winds are just as bad.

    2) It could be thrips......usually they attack the base of the flower buds and cause them to fall off before they have fully developed.


  • jad1jad1 Posts: 130

    Thanks David K. Could be thrips.I Have already sprayed. Fingers crossed ,hopefully i might get some colour.

  • jad1jad1 Posts: 130

    Many thanks to David K. with the advice about Wisteria. I am pleased to say it is in flower and looking good.

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