mouse or mole problems

Hi all, i have raised beds made from natural stone which look great when they have plants in but thats the problem there is something that somethings that like to destroy and eat my plants and i just dont know what to do!

I believe mice are mainly to blame as we suffer from plants being choped completely off down by the base and also sometimes the plant is cut off and the root ball eaten? is this moles, rats? Also we cant keep any bulbs apart from daffs i tried some giant alliums this year but alias even these were chopped off! There are many tunnels that run through the flower beds even after you dig them over a couple of weeks later there is a new network and they even have killed established shrubs by disturbing their roots i think and my much loved clamatis's

Is there anything that can be done to address this problem without getting a cat! as i would like to see my garden look like i hoped it would instead of half eaten! 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,774

    I suspect you might have bank voles in your garden.  I suggest humane traps then releasing them somewhere where they can live without causing a problem - some rough pastureland a few miles away perhaps. image

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    rats make holes the size of your fist, mice about 2inch holes , I have them in my garden also , have done for years , cannot seem to get rid of them. Am worried about digging in case I fork one, plus as you say they do not do the plants any good. I believe they are they as I have bird feeders hanging off the washing line, have seen them coming out to eat the spilt food - but cannot let the birds go hungry!!

  • Moloes do not  eat plants, they like worms but rats and mice are partial to a juicy bulb or root.

    If you have found a network of tunnels it sounds like rats to me. If anhyone has chickens or rabbits near you then rats would be my first choice of cuprits.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115
    If you have moles in your vegetable garden whole rows of plants can be dug out or disappear into tunnels. They don't need to eat them to wreck havoc.

    Rats, voles and mice are very partial to a tasty underground vegetable.
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