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I am growing hot peppers in my kitchen should I take the side shoots out they are about 2 feet tall and little peppers are about to show


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Sounds as thought it has got very leggy-don't remove the side shoots-but do remove the top to stop more upward growth.

  • My nephew showed a great interest in growing chillis indoors!  Good thought I- ideas for birthday and Christmas cascaded into my mind!  I provided him with lights temp. green house, 10 ltre pots  with reservoir, seeds, feed etc. over several years.  He became very successful but they did grow very tall even with lights and green fly became abit of a problem!  He learnt that they are perenial shrubs and could be kept for several years producing much fruit! The least hot part of a chilli is the tip furthest from stalk!  Something useful when demonstrating how tough you can be eating a raw hot chilli!!! Not recommended with nagas!

    I m making chilli jam this year-yummy with cold meats and cheese-also a good way to add kick to any meat dish easily!

    Good Luck

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