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I've never grown peonies before, but last May I bought three Sarah Bernhardts which didn't flower last year, but look more promising this year with more stems, and they're growing fast.  They are planted separately - not as a group.  What sort of support do you recommend for them?  I don't want the rusty look expensive ones, but I don't have any suitable twiggy bits.  What works for you?



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    Don't worry about where you post - most of us barely notice what heading things come under - we just look at the query!

    Sorry I meant to put this on last night for you . The first pic is the peony and the second pic shows where I put them initially.  The pieces of cane are quite long so I might cut them - easy with just a pair of secateurs - and just have a section for supporting 'The Duchesse' as I call her! :



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    I grow Sarah Bernhardt without stakes and she's fine.  So are my other peonies, despite the strong winds which occasionally blow through my exposed garden.


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    I use peony baskets - but OH makes them with his new man toy (welding machineimage)



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    Hi Happycottontail. I have two peonies on my allotment, I planted them in 2012 and I didn't have any flowers last year, I hope I can get this year image.  You will get flowers after one or two years if you planted small peonies' roots. For support I use 3-4 bamboo sticks and fasten them with a garden string.

  • Thanks for the pics Fairygirl - very ingenious.  

    Obelixx, I'm inclined to wait and see what happens - they might not even flower this year, though I hope they will!  Fingers crossed for flowers for you INNA!

    Chicky, am very impressed with your man's handiwork.  Is he planning to go into large scale production?  Plenty of customers on here I should think!

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