Exhibition vases

Does anyone know where I might be able to get the bikini vases that are used to exhibit daffodils, dahlias etc. I have looked at Bikinis website and they are quite expensive. I wouldn't mind if they were second hand - have tried ebay!.



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    Hi Try this web site http://www.close2real.nl/index.php/assortiment they are in Holland. They do do vases and there is an email address to contact them. I do know the shop next door to them deals in a lot more in vases but I afraid I can't remember the name. I have been there and it is a fantasic shop. I know its not in this country but I hope this helps.

  • Hi,  I am looking for Bikini Vases too,  we are a very small horticultural show and have been advised to get these vases by our flower judge,  they are far too expensive new so we are looking for surplus/second hand ones.   Any suggestions would be welcome

  • Hi there we have hundreds of bikini vases all different sizes at our gardening association based in bushbury ,wolverhampton which we are selling of and dresser tables ,cloths etc if you are intrested email chris at [email protected] image

  • hi, we still have bikini vases { mainly white vases } black table cloth and tressel tables for sale,, email [email protected] for prices and sizes , thanks

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