Osteospermum problem

Cleo13Cleo13 Posts: 106

My osteo has gone mad and I really need to cut it back.  I'm not sure how to tackle it, so any help would be greatly appreciated image


  • cotty1000cotty1000 Posts: 264

    I take it your osteospurmum is a ground covering hardy type? Mine is spreading quite a bit,I have trimmed some of it back already. I wasn't shy. And it is ok. I would do it when it isn't too hot. Try not to cut too much of the old woody bit.

  • GolarneGolarne Posts: 32

    Perfect timing! I have two osteo planted last year (ground cover on a slope) which are now spreading beautifully. We did take cuttings in the autumn which are now decent sized plants, but I hadn't thought about cutting back (even though that's actually my favourite job!).

    Thanks for the info! image

  • they are really easy to pull out as the roots don't seem to be very deep. I removed some and found that it was like a hotel for slugs underneath! Never seen so many in one spot before....or since!

  • Cleo13Cleo13 Posts: 106

    Thanks everyone for your help, I have cut it back now so fingers crossed image

  • LynLyn Posts: 8,098

    I pulled mine out from last year and grew new ones from seeds, blue and white. Everyone germinated and are now good sized plants. Rather treat them as annuals and grow new each year.

    I agree with tootles about the slugs, they dont eat them just live there.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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