Red Ants

hi all today I found a nest of red ants at the base of my peony the plant seems to be stunted compared to the other ones in the ? is are the red ants killing my peony  and what can I do to save it as it was so lovley last year.


  • Hi I also had a problem with red ants at my old house they would attack anything sweet they even attacked my pumpkins but at my new address we have black ants but they don't seem as bad as the red ants. Im not an expert but I know ants can be beneficial to some gardeners and they can help them combat pests. I just set out those little ant stations every year and I don't get any infestation that is really bad. I noticed them on my apple trees last year but they didn't touch my apples I think they may have been eating pests

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    I have a big problem of ants in my garden, black ones which seem to love nesting in the base of some of my big plant pots and they can disturb the roots enough to damage plants, or even kill them. I guess your peony isn't in a pot? Then you need to put some ant killer onto the ant nest. I had it last year next to my rose bush. I also put a ring of ant powder around my rose a few times until all was clear. I have a problem with black ants, thousands of them in our garden and they love my pots. I have to keep the pots on a little pile of ant powder all summer long, it's enough to put them off using them.  They are welcome in my garden, to an extent!

    Good luck!

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