Timing for seedling planting with this weather?

<span>With the current climate and rain fall - when should I plant out warm weather seedlings?

<span>Currently have courgette and pumpkin seedlings at 4 leaf stage, and corn at 3 leaf stage which I am switching between outside and inside depending on daily rainfall. 

<span>Also with the heavy rainfall the slugs are having a fieldday at my allotment, as the slug pallets are just getting rained off.


  • my greenhouse is kooking like the tropical house at Kew; waiting for the weather to settle down before i can plant them out on my allotment. Taking them in and out to harden them off is a chore but i would be really upset if i lost them to frost. Looking forward to eating them all evetually

  • you must be down south. it is so cold up in the north east and damp seeds are very hard to  get going

  • DaveNDaveN Posts: 4

    My greenhouse is full to the brim at the moment,with beans ,peas , petunias and other bedding plants, as well as sub tropical plants all waiting to go out into tubs and baskets.Here in Somerset it has rained almost continuously for the last week or more I turned most of the garden over with the fork to lay a new lawn before the rain  and  have not been able to work it since.Looking forward to some dry and sunny weather so that we all can  enjoy the work that awiats us all.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Courgette and pumpkins don't like cold wet soil, or weather for that matter. I too live in the northeast and its like winter here. My pumpkins are at the 4-leaf stage and I will be potting them on as they don't like to be rootbound. For the time being they will be sheltering in a frost-free polytunnel. If you really have to plant out, use a cloche to provide some protection.  I think it could be as late as June before we can plant out.

  • AllotmentMaxAllotmentMax Posts: 189
    I planted seeds today, but things are slower than usual due to the cold. Have covered all in fleece in hope of helping them along. Green house full of bedding plants tho'.
  • Still havent planted veg on allotment as its still raining and .......cold. i dont like going out in it so i dont think the plants will either. Have put toms nd cucumbers in grow bags in greenhouse. First year ive had a greenhouse so its a bit of a steep learning curve.

  • AllotmentMaxAllotmentMax Posts: 189
    I wish I had a proper greenhouse! I have one of those hexagonal plastic covered things. It's better than nothing but can only really use it for seedlings etc. Not enough room for toms in grow bags etc. Still a bit of a beginner at all this, but things going ok. Can anyone give me advice on passion flowers? I didn't cut it back and at the mo it looks pretty sad. Should I cut it back and see if it climbs again and treat it like my Clematis??? Could it just be the cold? Can I feed it? What's best?
  • I made do with those plastic covered greenhouses for years but after watching fly around the garden for the umpteenth time losing all my seedlings my husband bought me a proper one. Seeds have got off to a good start and plenty of room for growbags and pots, planning on growing tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies.

  • flowergirl4flowergirl4 Posts: 61

    Allotmentmax..I have a plastic cold frame it brill its about 1 meter x 1 meter and about 75 cm tall.you can fit at least 2 grow bags in it.. it sits on my patio and I have peppers, cucumber and a aubergine plant in and still plenty of room for other things too.. it was £12.50....

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