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I have come here asking for a bit of help. Me and my wife have recently bought a house, a new build, and I am looking to try and get the garden done, or at least part of it, in time for the summer.

I should point out that I am totally new to the world of gardening and know very little but I would like to try and do as much as possible myself. Please bear with me if I ask any stupid questions. image

Here are some photos of what the garden looks like at the moment. Excuse the lines I drew with a stick, I was trying to show my wife my design image

It may not be that clear from the photos but there is a bit of a upward slope (0.5-1m). I came up with a design, see link below - sorry it has a black background, and would like to get opinions on the practicality of it and see if anybody had any ideas for improvements or suggestions.

You can see from the image I want decking from the house, lawn in the middle with a raised bed, steps to the right leading up to a garden shed. 

My only concern is below the fence. You can see from the below image that the fence does not have any boards below it, they are just raised from the soil. How would I go about stopping, gravel / soil I put down from falling under the neighbors fence?

Any help would be greatly appreciated image

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