New gardner I live in glasgow.  Built a large raised bed for this year filled with ordinary compost (25 bags) Really keen to grow a variety of veg especially carrots.  Have sown 3-4 rows intemittently since middle april with no success yet parsnips,leeks,potatoes have grown but carrots have not geminated depsite following instructions on the packet.  What have i done wrong?


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,647

    Mid-April is only a couple of weeks ago. I grow Amsterdam Forcing, a very early variety, and they take 10 days to two weeks to germinate. If you followed all the instructions, I'd give them a bit longer.

  • Bob177Bob177 Posts: 43

    I too have raised beds, filled with organic top soil, I planted some Autumn King at the end of March, when we had that fabulous weather. My Beetroot surfaced within 10 days , others like carrot, spring onion, parsnips, peas & beans, took longer. All are now blossoming - keep the faith.

  • The weather plays a great deal in germination. I put some spring onions outside early april only just showing now.

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