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Hanging baskets

Hi everyone,

I am looking at investing in some new hanging baskets. The style I have at the moment plants can only be planted in the top. I would like to get some that plants go all the way round to make a ball of flowers. Where is the best place to buy something like this? Also what types of flowers would you put in them over the summer and what could you use in the winter?


  • I've got this type of hanging baskets from shopping channels- QVC and Ideal world. Also got some from e bay. It's a good idea to also get the special things to plant up with the plants which helps get the water to the centre of the basket.

  • foxglove5foxglove5 Posts: 20

    Most of these seem to be made of plastic, does this last or does it go brittle?

  • lt lasts for years.Doesn't go brittle.They are on Ideal World at the moment.Check the sizes.Some are only 12 inches.These are 14 ''.

  • foxglove5foxglove5 Posts: 20

    ill have a look now. What do you plant in yours? I was thinking of lobelia or petunia. The only problem is I have ordered trailing lobelia which should be fine but I  ordered standard not trailing petunia - will these be ok or should I stick to putting these in containers?

  • Which petunias are they? l only ever use the trailing ones.also put in fuchsias trailing verbena and ivy leaved geraniums.anything that trails will look lovely.oh l forgot l use begonias,apricot shades and fragrant falls.

  • Just seen the last part of your question. Over winter l have had a new wallflower called sugar rush and miniature daffs in the top.



  • Sorry it's on it's side.

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