Laurel Hedge

I planted a new Laurel (english) Headge last autumn.  It sailed through the winter & snow.  Had a few catterpillars to pick off early spring & then it has taken off!  Lots of new shoots & leaves putting on growth outwards & upwards.  But everytime I leave the house I find yellow leaves on the ground and 1 or 2 lower leaves have turned yellow on each plant & they just fall off when you touch them.  No sign of insect damage, they just look as if something has sucked the life out of them.  HELP!!  I lurve this hedge, it's so green & shiny it just makes me want to smile whenever I leave or enter the front gate!  Only thing untoward is a lot of ants all over the place (tried usual methods) but can't find a nest anywhere.  Other thing is a very large tree on street outside and I found small roots from that when I dug out to plant hedge. Anyone have any ideas?  Tried to attach photo but it said it was too big!?  Don't know how to make it smaller.


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If it is only old leaves falling there is no problem - evergreens like laurels do shed their old leaves around about this time.

    However, if there are a lot of ants around it is worth having a careful dig around the plants' roots to make sure that there isn't a nest underneath the hedge, as that wouldn't do it any good.

  • Hi Alina W,  thanks for the advice, I'll try to have a gentle poke around and keep an eye on it.  Maybe it is just natural leaf fall, I'm just paranoid, the only other thing that has grown out there is pyracanthea, nice but vicious.

  • My laurel hedge is about 30 years old and is showing similar symptoms, yellowing of leaves and dieback of some branches. There has been honey fungus in this area and I wonder if this is the cause.

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