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Hi, I am a new allotment gardener, although have been gardening for years I have never grown fruit or veg until this year. I planted a very cheap Victoria Plum tree in late Feb, being very careful not to plant it when the ground was frosty. The tree trunk seems ok but the branches sound really brittle. Then suddently after weeks of watching everyone elses trees spring into life and mine not, it started to develop leaves just at the bottom of the main trunk above the join. Does this mean it is OK or is it the rootstock growing? Also should I prume back the 8-10 branches that sound brittle and are not in leaf yet. Thanks for reading this and helping if you can- Claire


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    That's unusual. Could you look again at the new growth. If it is definitely above the join it won't be the rootstock, but this sort of occurence is what happens when a graft fails, and the new growth emerges just below or on the join. If you are sure it is above the join then you could prune it back to the new growth and train one shoot to be a replacement main stem. But if it were me I wouldn't bother. For all the effort, and the risk that it will fail, or that it may turn out in years to come that it IS the rootstock.I'd try and get a replacement. Last weekend I saw them cheap in  (or outside, rather) Poundland or Poundstretcher - can't remember which.   

  • Hi Gold1locks, thanks for replying. I am absolutely sure it is above the join. It is about 2 cms above and have two separate shoots from the main stem, these shoots have two leaves each and look very much like plum leaves. Having said that it isn't worth perservering with it as (funnily enoughimage) I bought it from Poundstretcher for £6. Do you think I should dig it up and chuck it then?

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    I would, and get another one. It will fruit several years earlier than the one you've got. 

  • Good point and that is what an allotment is for. Thanks for your help!

  • Hi we have an allotment. In early May we bought a potted Victoria Plum tree and planted it with B&Q Multi Compost watered the hole that was dug to receve itl before planting and after it was planted then went on holiday for two weeks. When we arrived home we found the end of the green leaves turning over then they went brown but they are still on the tree. Can you tell me if we have lost the tree and would Epsom salts help. Thanks for reading this and helping me if you can.


    From Janet Tamagni.


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    Oh dear image  I think that it sounds as if your tree is dead.  Scrape a little of the bark on the trunk away with your thumb nail - if it is green underneath then there might be some hope, but if not ................ image

    It probably needed more tlc than planting, watering and ignoring it for a fortnight. The weather began to improve in May didn't it?  At least it did down here - and newly planted trees need a lot of water.  

    Did you plant it with straight B&Q compost, or did you mix it with the soil - mixing it is best.

    If the tree is dead then I suggest you plant another one in the autumn, that way it won't need as much watering, as the weather will be wetter and the tree won't have to carry any leaves.  That'll give it a chance to get settled in before the spring when it has to do some work.

    Good luck image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • Hi unfortunately we did plant it with straight B&Q compost oh dear never mind we are learning all the time we will buy another one and plant it in the autumn.


    Thankyou for your help.

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    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • My Victoria plum was planted a year ago. This year it had blossomed beautifully and started to bear fruit. However, lots of fruits ripened and fell when they were only an inch big. The few remaining fruits have grown, have not ripened, but have a strange clear jelly coming from the bottom. Any ideas? Thanks

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    It might be plum saw fly -  this might be helpful

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    We have a Victoria plum tree abaout 6 yrs old having given us some fabulous yields till last yr, there were many with grubs inside so we put a codling moth trap in the tree this may it has attracted dozens of the insects, but now the plums are nearly all rotten what can we do.

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