what are these?

LoreaLorea Posts: 81

These two plants are popping up in various places in my garden. Can anyone tell me what they are?






  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    They look a bit like sweet williams, do you have any in your garden that may have self seeded?

  • LoreaLorea Posts: 81

    Hi Kate. There was one small sweet William in the garden when we moved in 6 years ago. It flowered for two years then disappeared. Could the seeds have lain dormant for so long?

  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    6 years is a long time, do any neighbours have them?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Lorea-my guesses are usually wrong-but-could the second be a penstemon?

    -if not it looks suspiciously like a weed that my neighbour seems to cultivate,but I don't know the name

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 375

    It could be rosebay willow herb, self seeds everywhere

  • LoreaLorea Posts: 81

    Hmmm, interesting suggestions. I suppose I could wait until it flowers and then get back to you!

  • Amazing2Amazing2 Posts: 16

    Not sure of first but second is pensteman.

    Don't think 1st is willow bay herb. It has a reddish stem and leaves are different shape.

  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    I'm happy to be proved wrong but I'm with Muddyfork, we've a shed load that pop up every year at my Grannys!

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I have a tame white epilobium, just popped out to have a look, leaves much finer than no. 1. No.2 does look very much like a penstemon, but doesn't really fit in with the 'popping up in various places' unless previously cultivated in the last 6 years. IMHO!
  • LoreaLorea Posts: 81

    There's never been any penstemon in the garden as far as I know. There's definitely more of the first one than the second. I'd just like to be sure before I ruthlessly rip it all out that I'm not getting rid of something I might like.

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