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  • Sandra 2Sandra 2 Posts: 31

    The sad thing for us is that it has created some tension amongst a formerly happy group of gardeners, whereby one of our number is unhappy with the way the police treated the issue. The rest of us feel that the police did what they could, and treated us with respect, but without real evidence are, frankly, targeting resources towards violent criminals in the wider community rather than chasing  kids who gave us a few smashed locks and the odd stolen tool.

    The one who disagrees with us and who feels that the perpetrators should have been hounded by any means necessary,  is now angry with us that we have effectively shrugged our shoulders and got on with life and there is tension where there wasn't before. That, to me, is the real crime - making people who were friends, less so. It will blow over, of course, ultimately our 'lottie is too nice a place to be cross for long, but the very fact that there is disharmony somewhere there should be happiness is bad. 

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